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Visual Artistry - aerial, stills, cinematography

Given a camera at the age of seven, I began shooting my surroundings and friends. Earning money for candy and fast food.Soon became known around my neighborhood as the kid with the camera.


I’m still that kid, older and wiser but always looking to capture the next perfect moment.In Junior High school I took pictures at the games, dances, and school concerts, spending countless hours in the dark room honing my developing and printing skills.  


After high school I worked in professional photo labs and tested with fashion models and also photographing local bands where printing and shooting other people’s work helped refined my sense of color and composition. Once my school days were done, I traveled the world indulging in my adventures and shooting plenty of photographs. But there’s no place like home. Back in LA I entered the motion picture industry, immersing myself in the art of cinematography and the artistry of lighting for film.I was fortunate to work with wonderful cinematographers like Kent Wakeford (Mean Streets), John Toll (Braveheart), and Robert Richardson (Kill Bill),  amongst numerous TV shows like Mad Men, Lucifer , Abbott Elementary and Shrinking all of which were generous in sharing their knowledge. After years of studying lighting and devouring books on art, architecture,interior design and fashion. 


Later I began shooting my own motion pictures and commercials, telling stories with motion, light, and sound — but my first love will always be the still camera, because that perfect moment is still out there, waiting to be captured and many stories to be told.

Los Angeles from the mean streets of Hollywood to the gritty waterfront of Long Beach and now in DTLA, California .

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